In 1789, Antoine Lavoisier published a list of 33 chemical elements, grouping them into gases, metals, nonmetals, and earths. Chemists spent the following century searching for a more precise classification scheme. In 1829, Johann Wolfgang Döbereiner observed that many of the elements could be grouped into triads based on their chemical properties. Lithium, sodium, and potassium, […]

change quantity if it is not added or removed. Hence, the quantity of mass is “conserved” over time. The law implies that mass can neither be created nor destroyed, although it may be rearranged in space, or the entities associated with it may be changed in form, as for example when light or physical work […]

The Regia Marina was formed on 17 March 1861, after the proclamation of the Kingdom of Italy. The Italian Navy assumed its present name after the Italian monarchy was abolished following a popular referendum held on 2 June 1946.At the end of its five years involvement in World War II, Italy was a devastated nation. […]

The Wonder , The sounds , The undiscoverd The world is covered In this blue thing That will bling and cling   The animals in it are amazing They are worth praising In the Deep To explore  all of it will be a massive leap   We are slowley destroying it humans should use there […]

The smell,The delight , The taste Nothing so big and so great. The taste in your mouth is wonderful It can be very colourful The heat can be like the sizzling scouring sun You can have a lot of fun The sizzle The water will drizzle It will fizz What do you think it is […]

Act 1 Scene 1 FIRST WITCH When should the three of us meet again? Will it be in thunder, lightning, or rain? SECOND WITCH We’ll meet when the noise of the battle is over, when one side has won and the other side has lost. THIRD WITCH That will happen before sunset. FIRST WITCH Where […]

Today I witnessed the greatest battle in my lifetime so far.  There was a great meeting between the forces of King Duncan and the rebels lead by Mcdonald. The fight was a good one and hard to interpret the upper hand. The advantage swayed from the national army and the rebels.  It was then I […]

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Dear Friend As you may alraedy know I have been working on a new play. I say new, Mecbeth. In this letter im going to tell you all about my plans for Act 1 Scene 1. The play would have a modren to it this is because young people can connet to it. The first […]